A Garments Worker Essay

A Garments Worker Essay

This world is very diverse. This miscellaneous world is created by the creator’s own wish. He has also created trees and plants, animals and birds, hills and mountains, rivers and canals, the sun and the moon, stars and the planets, the best of creation human beings and others. He has also created rich and poor people, people and higher and lower class. Engineers, doctors, ministers, etc. are rich and higher class people. But the rickshaw pullers, farmers, garment workers, etc. are poor and lower-class people. The maximum of them came from villages. Some of them are rickshaw puller, some are porters, some are hawkers, some are garments workers and some people work in other houses.

A garment worker mainly has come from villages of different parts of Bangladesh. Most of them work in garments factories. All aged people can work in some garments. A garments worker earns a very small amount of money like tk. 5000 to tk. 8000 only. within this money, he has to lead his life. They had no choice to do other work to earn money.

Garments workers life is very difficult. They wake up every early morning. At first, they are to finish their all household works. After that, they go out to attend their work. They walked a long way to attend their work. Women workers face many problems. They are to maintain both their family and professional life at a time. The young poor girls do not afford to get an education for poverty. Most of the girls are of 16 to 30 years. This age is the proper time for education but they are deprived of that.

Garments workers life is very simple. These workers are lower-class people. Most of garments workers live in slums. They work in garments for a long time. Garment workers go to factories very early in the morning and return home at 8 or 9 pm at night. Most of the time they do overtime work. But they can’t get their legal salary.

Bangladesh earns a million dollars from foreign countries for these garment workers. But workers didn’t get real respect like other people. We should respect them. These workers are the most important part of our country.

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