Blood Donation Essay in English

Blood donation is one of the beneficial concepts connected with the science of surgical medicine. Like all the inventions borrowed from the West, this too is an invention of the scientifically advanced western countries. Human blood is divided into four groups such as A, B, O, and AB. This blood is stored and preserved in blood banks for a week or so as it is, and later is preserved in the plasma form.

Importance of Blood Donation Essay

Blood Donation Essay in English
Nowadays the Blood Banks stores this blood in sterilized bottles which are to be supplied in the time of need. But the increasing demand for blood at hospitals and other health centers cannot be met up by the limited number of professional blood sellers. We must all come forward to donate blood.

People fewer than eighteen and above sixty cannot donate blood. A donor must be at least 47.5 kg by weight. A past history of jaundice and certain other infectious diseases contraindicate blood donation. Earlier people had a fear that blood-donation would weaken their body strength and hamper their natural immunity. Nowadays people have a scientific bent of mind. Once they are made aware of the fact that the amount of blood taken out from their body is minimal and easily replenished, they can easily let their fears go off.

People should understand that their little contribution can prove to be of great help to others. He is also personally benefitted. He receives a permit which enables him to fetch a bottle of blood within a year, free of cost. Who knows whether himself or his near or dear ones, would be saved by that bottle of blood, or not?

We should all come forward and donate blood if we are able-bodied because of this one simple action would speak for itself about our gentleness, fellow-feelings, kindness, and love for humanity. God has created life in this world. By donating blood to live in need of blood, we save God’s children. Hence by serving man, we serve God.

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