Dowry System Essay in English

Dowry System Essay in English

Bangladesh is a developing country. In this country, there are many kinds of unpleasant customs. Dowry is the most common unpleasant custom of those. It creates many problems. It is against the success of our country. Dowry means property or money brought by a bride to her husband when they get married. It is a very terrible situation for society. Women and their families suffer a lot for this Dowry system.

Dowry System Composition in English

It seems that poverty, illiteracy, narrow mentality, negative attitude to the women, dependence on husbands and living on their income, social corruption, etc. are the main cause of Dowry. Sometimes the bridegroom wants money to do business or want to make his life settle with that money. In the village if brides are not beautiful to look at or if they get late married then they are to give a lot of money as Dowry to the bridegroom.

It is a much-unexpected situation for the bride’s family members. They are not collect a huge amount of money for their daughters or sister’s marriage. Sometimes they are to take a loan, sell their lands, furniture, ornaments and even their own house to collect the money. They are to lose many things and face many problems for this Dowry system.

We saw that women are tortured when they cannot give any money to their husbands. Sometimes we hear and see in the newspaper that some women are killed, some are hung and some are burnt by their husbands, in-laws family members and others.

For this dowry system divorce, doing suicide, mental and physical tortures, members of broken families are increasing day by day. It is also affecting the new generation. They cannot give attention to their education cannot contribute to any development activities. It hampers their mental development.

This custom is very disgraceful for our county. So we should try hard to remove this system from our country. There are some laws to remove them. But we cannot apply them properly. There should be more steps on women’s rights in our law system. We should change our outlook, mentality by our law rules. The narrow mentality of the greedy people should be changed and a hard punishment should be given to them.

But the good thing is that at present our Government is aware of it. Therefore this system is changing. In the past, it was so high in our country. Now we have a law that who will give Dowry and take Dowry all will be known as a criminal. So if we stop giving Dowry then I think that this system will be end soon.

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