Essay on Greenhouse Effect

Introduction: Greenhouse effect is one of the greatest problems in the world. It causes endless problems for us. Most climatologists are getting concerned about it. They think is a great danger for us. They agree that the world is getting warmer for this problem.

What is Greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse effect is the gradual warming of the air. It is the result of environment pollution.

Causes of Greenhouse effect: Many causes are responsible for it. Destruction and burning down of tropical rain forests, traffic, rapid growth of industry, use of chlorofluorocarbons, use of detergents etc. are the main causes of Greenhouse effect. Human waste, use of chemical fertilizers, industrial waste product, maritime disasters, and oil seeping from damaged supertankers also contributes to it. But the main culprits for global warming are carbon-dioxide gas, methane and chlorofluorocarbons.

Effects of greenhouse effect: Greenhouse effect causes endless human sufferings. Its effect beggars description. It is a great threat for our existence. Temperature is on the rise. The world is becoming unfit for. The whole world is turning into a great desert. As a result, man cannot grow enough food. Famine is breaking out in some parts of the world. Many people are dying in hunger. Wild animals are being destroyed. Many of them are already extinct. Ice caps have begun to melt for the rise of temperature. They have started raising sea levels. So, coastal areas and farmland are going to be flooded.

Effect for Bangladesh: The effect of greenhouse effect for Bangladesh is very alarming. The rise of the sea levels may submerge the lower southern part of the country. As a result, we may lose a huge area of land. Greenhouse effect for kids is very harmful.

Remedy: It is a must to maintain the ecological balance. We should not sit idle any longer. We have to take every possible step to save ourselves. We have to plant more and more trees. We must clean our environment. Every town should be fume-free. For this, vehicles should be driven with natural gas. Mills and factories should be away from human habitation. For it, careful town planning is necessary. Sanitary latrines should be used. Conscious people should come forward to raise public awareness. Mass and print media can play an important role in this regard.

Conclusion: In fine, we must say that greenhouse effect is very alarming for the world. It is high time we took necessary steps. All should work hand in hand to keep our environment pollution free. Otherwise, none will be able to escape from this problem.

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