Family Planning Essay in English

Family Planning Essay

The world stands with a limited area. Everything on the surface of the earth should be done in a planned way. So a family should also be planned. To plan a family means to have a desired number of children on the family.

The population of our country is growing rapidly at a rate of 2.16 percent every year. If the population additional things, but our resources are limited. As a result, they will suffer and create problems. A small family is a happy family -say the wise. It can give its member proper food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical treatment. But is not possible on the part of a big family to do all these things. So every family must be planned.

Benefits of Family Planning in Worldwide

Though Bangladesh has one of the effective networks of family planning. people in the lower class and in the village are painfully unaware of the benefits. The birth control items which are distributed to them free remain unused.

The attitude of the general public towards the problem of overpopulation is casual. They do not see the logic that more children mean less food. Lack of education is the greatest cost of the failure of family planning in our country. Many women in the lower class become mothers almost every year so, they are not allowed to have time for education. Whereas the advancement of women is integrally related to the reducing of the birth rate.

The ultimate responsibility lies with the government. It has to that people received adequate education about family planning, and it also to guarantee that children born are provided well and given food and the largely unemployed graduates.

All the adult members of our families should follow the suggestions given by the family planning authorities. Besides this, the government should provide more facilities of all kinds within the reach of the people at all levels.

In conclusion, I can say we must plan our families if we want to make our families happy and our hunger, illiteracy misery, etc.

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