Natural Disasters Essay

Natural Disasters Essay

Introduction: Bangladesh has to face many natural disasters. Some natural disasters are her daily companions. Flood, cyclone, drought visit the country every year. In a word, Bangladesh in a country of natural disasters. Many causes of natural disaster.

Types of natural disasters

Flood: Flood is the greatest natural calamity in Bangladesh. Every year, flood submerges huge area of Bangladesh. Flood occurs for heavy rainfall and melting of ice-caps. Thousands of houses break down. It damages crops. Flood affected people become helpless and houseless. Many have to live under the open sky. People suffer from various diseases. Many water-borne diseases break out. Many people die. Flood affected people suffer from hunger. They become sick. Food price goes higher and higher.

Cyclone: Cyclone hits Bangladesh very often. It occurs for depression on the sea. It damages crops, house and cattle. It uproots big trees. It usually hits the off-shore island. Boats and launches are capsized by it. Sometimes, many people die in a cyclone hit area. Thousands of lives were taken away by it in 1991. Thousands of lives were also lost in 2007. Almost all the people of some coastal districts became houseless. They did not have anything to live.

The north-Western: The north-western is a natural calamity for Bangladesh. Sometimes it turns into a dangerous from. It begins in the month of Baishakh. It damages crops. It destroys houses. For, it people suffer a lot.

Earthquakes: An Earthquake is also a natural calamity in all over the world. An earthquake is the shifting of the Earth’s plates, as a result, in a sudden shaking of the whole ground that can last for a few seconds to a few minutes. It is a very dangerous for the Earth .

Drought: Drought is another natural disaster in Bangladesh. It is a great cause of miseries for our farmers. There is much want of water in the summer. Farmers look at the sky with vacant stare. Sometimes, they have to wait week after week for a shower of rain. Much drought damages paddy and other crops. In this season, farmers remain helpless.

Hill Slide: Hill slide is also a natural calamity in Bangladesh. It happens for heavy rainfall. It happens in the hill-tract districts. Many people die for it. The year 2007 is witness of it. Much damage happened in that year.

Conclusion: In fine, we can say that Bangladesh is a land of natural disasters. The country suffers a lot for natural disasters. Its economic condition is breaking down for them. It is not possible to prevent natural calamities. But we can take pragmatic steps to minimize losses. We have to keep our environment danger free. We have to maintain ecological balance. For this, we have to plant more and more trees. The government should build more cyclone and flood centers in the most affected areas.

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