Paragraph On Acid Throwing

Topic Sentences:  Acid throwing is a heinous act – It demolishes the hope to live a normal life – This inhuman act must be stooped – the evil doers must be given exemplary punishment.
Developing Ideas : Acid throwing means the throwing of acid upon to innocent persons. It is a social menace. As acid is a corroding substance, it demolishes the skin of the victims. The acid throwing problem has become a matter of great headache now-a-days. The female folk usually fall victims to this. Generally, a young man throws acid to the young girl who reject his amorous advances to her. Individual enmity quarrel, envy, moral degradation etc. are another causes of acid trowing. Sometime a dowry-hunter husband throws acid to his innocent wife. The acid victim has to drag a pathetic life. Life becomes bearable to him/her. The treatment of acid burning is not possible because acid distorts the skin. The victim has to pay the pangs of unbearable existence. The culprits of acid throwing must be brought under capital punishment. Strict laws must be introduced. Everyone should come forward to check this menace from the society.

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