Paragraph on AIDS

Paragraph on AIDS

Topic Sentence: AIDS is a fatal disease – It is life killing – It is Incurable – Awareness and restricted life can keep a man away from the clutches of AIDS.

Developing ideas: AIDS stands for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”. It is a fatal disease. It decreases the preventive strength of the body. There is no cure of this disease. The AIDS patients must die. This disease is more violent than cancer. If a man or women is attracted by this disease, he/she loses the normal preventive power. Gradually she/he becomes enfeebled. The persons, who are habituated in licentious life, easily fall victim to this disease. Persons going to the prostitution’s and having promiscuous sexual relations are prone to this immune deficiency. Again unsafe blood donation or blood taking, unsafe razors etc. may cause AIDS. It is not a contagious disease.

So, AIDS patients should not be looked down upon. They should be treated sympathetically. Now-a-days, the number of AIDS patients is increasing worldwide. WHO and different donor countries are contributing to check this fatal disease. It is hoped that the scientists will be able to invent medicines for AIDS. Everyone should bear in mind that sanctified life and consciousness are the best preventives against this incurable disease.

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