Paragraph on Eve Teasing

Paragraph on Eve Teasing

Topic Sentences: Dishonoring to girl – a heinous practice – proper steps to stop.

Developing Ideas: Eve teasing means publicly sexual harassment or molestation of women by man. It is a notoriously heinous crime. The culprits often device different ways to attack women. It usually occurs in public place, public transport, park and street. When our girls come out of the street, some younger men insult or make different on the girls. Sometimes they physically insult or take snapshot of the girls by their handset. This Eve teasing has a bad effect in our society. As a result, some girls have committed suicide. The worst suffers are university girls, middle class young women. It is a great shame. If it continues, our social value will be damaged. Every conscious citizen should come forward to stop this social problem. Our government has already made strong laws to stop this Eve-teasing.


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