Paragraph on Flood

Topic Sentences: Flood is a natural calamity – . It creates great havoc to our life property. Our country is affected by flood almost every year.

Developing ideas: Flood is a devastating natural calamity. It has become a regular occurrence in our country. Flood is caused by the sudden increase of water in the rivers and by heavy rainfall or by melting of snow in Himalayas. It creates immense destruction to life and property. Standing crops are wiped out by it. Houses, trees etc. are wiped out. Domestic animals, men and other properties are flooded. Many people and other living animals are killed. There remain devastation’s everywhere. The after effects of flood are terrible. Various diseases break out at an alarming rate. Men suffer from the want of drinking water, food and shelter. Apart from bringing dangerous effects, flood has some good sides. It makes the land fertile. It washes away dirt and wastage’s. Intensive relief work is started to save the affected people. As flood causes tremendous bad results, we should take steps against it.

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