This article depicts the detailed information about the website- This document carries all the necessary explanation of the privacy policy of this site which applies to all of the content created, shared and maintained by the above mentioned website. Privacy polices including usage of personal information, non-personal information, information collection, browser cookies etc will be discussed here in this article.

Privacy policy in terms of personal information

This website is developed to provide necessary articles in forms of essay and paragraphs. For the overall betterment’s of our content related service, we may collect personal information form the visitors who browse to us and whom we call the Users. However, this is to be mentioned that all the information, whether on the form of push notification, newsletters and any others, are completely derived with the consent of the users. We collect and store the information only of those users who submit their information voluntarily after knowing and observing all the things. So, there is no such information taken without the consent of the users and we are always aware of taking the permission of the user for this. This privacy policy is basically the core of the measurements we have taken to match the standard followed in world wide web.

Usage of personal information

Ad we have already clarified the thing that all the information taken from the users are stroed only after they have submitted these voluntarily, now it’s time to provide you with a clear-cut information about the usages of this personal information. This sort of information are used mainly for the following reasons:

  • To improve the quality of the services we provide. Most of the times the information derived from the users come as a feedback so that we can observe the response from the readers and take proper initiatives to come up with the contents that the users are mainly looking for from us.
  • User’s information is also used to measure the overall response of the user after reading our articles given on the site.
  • Another use of these information, is to send email notifications to the users. This is done mainly to make a bridge between our site and the readers so that they can easily be informed about the new uploads of contents in our site.

Privacy policy for non-personal information

When it comes to web-based service, the technical information plays a vital role in terms of producing quality service. We, at times need to take some non-personal information to enrich our technical ability to reach more readers. Non-personal information which we may take include user’s browser name, type of device, type of connection and session time etc. Information about the OS the user has used to reach to us and few others related information including name of ISP or other service providers are also taken. This is to inform you that, all of these are kept only to make best use of our analytics tools and also to measure the technical aspects of the site so that we can improve our service and serve you with more satisfaction.

Usage of web browser cookies

We also like to take the advantage of web browser cookies to prolong our relation with the user. Sometimes cookies are used to track the user and also to make him/ her informed about our recent updates. But this is to clarify that, no cookies are saved to the device of the user without taking the consent. Users are always given the alert and they can refuse the cookies if they do not want them to be stored on their computers.

Protection of Information

We practice all the necessary steps to protect our user data as violation of these can may lead to harmful consequences. So, all the user names, information etc are kept giving high priority in terms of security. One of our fundamental way to protect user data is to enable the SSL secured communication channel on the form of https. As you can see from the url of our website our site is basically uses HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP and it the most secured way to protect the website and also the data given by the users.

Usage of Google Adsense

To monetize the website, we might enable the google ad service which is known as Google Adsense. If we enable this on our site then all the things will be done following the rules and regulations of google and those ads will not bring any harm to the users and users will be able to report according to the policy of google. You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at

These are the policies we take to run the site. If it still does not satisfy you, you can keep yourself away from our site. And if you agree with our policies, you are cordially welcome and we thank you for all the patience.