Rights of Children

Rights of Children

Child rights preserve the right of a society or nation wholly. So preservation of child rights is the preservation of the whole society or nation. Father of children is in sleep in the mind of each and every child, and for this is our duty to rear up them properly.

Paragraph on Rights of Children

Rights of children are manifold, right of food, clothing, shelter, education, expressing opinions, having proper treatment, being accurately addressed and the right of hearing “Say yes for children”. But it is a matter of great regrets that in some developing and under-developing countries like ours the children are greatly deprived of their basic rights. Most of them pass their life through malnutrition and various discuses’, curable or incurable, and the result finally goes to untimely death of our nation’s prospective sons, nation’s prospective future. The majority of them in this way are grown up as incomplete men. Most children of our country cannot reach the level of fully fledged human being. Again, gender discrimination basically in Bangladesh begins at birth. Due to differential treatment towards female children inequality in society is booming up by leaps and bounds. As a result of it, child rights are greatly being hampered day by day. For a shining generation all rights of our children should be preserved by the conscientious activities of all- government and general people. There are no alternatives of preserving child rights to build up a happy and flourishing nation.

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