Road Accidents in Bangladesh

Road Accidents in Bangladesh

Road accident is an accident which occurs is the roads or in the streets. Road accidents occur very often in Bangladesh. There are various reasons for road accidents in our country. Our drivers are not experienced and trained enough. They often drive recklessly. They ignore traffic rules frequently. Their tendency to overtake over take other vehicles is also another reason. Again most of the vehicles are so faulty and defective that they cannot run smoothly.

Causes and Effects of Road Accidents in Bangladesh

Our roads are inadequate and narrow but many vehicles play on these narrow roads. So, road accidents frequently occur, poor traffic system is also responsible for road accident. Road accident has a devastating and horrible effect. Most of the time, these road accidents snatch the lives of the passengers, even of the drivers. Many lose some parts of their body. For them life becomes a curse.

The common passengers are the worst suffers. The victims lose either their working ability or even their lives. Whatever happens to them, their families have to bear the brunt of their tragic consequences. Road accidents can be checked by implementing strict traffic rules. The drivers must be experienced and trained. They must be forced to abide by traffic rules. Faulty vehicles must be banned. Thus, we can avoid the curse of road accident.

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