Terrorism Essay in English

Terrorism Essay in English

Terrorism is a daunting problem in today’s world. It is an act of violence. It is done either as a protest or a show of power. Whatever may be the motive, the acts of terrorism go against common humanity.

There is state terrorism as well as international terrorism. Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Autonomy for the Republic of Ireland (IRA) seek terrorism in order to press their political demands. There may be state terrorism too, done by the police force, as Hitler’s police force. The Sarbahara Party in Bangladesh is a political terrorist group.

All the campuses in Bangladesh are now rife with terrorist activities. Students from rival parties clash daily and kill one another. Brawn has taken over the brain on the campus. The very image of education is desecrated.

The youts are victims of terrorism. They do the killing as well as get killed. Their leader remains in the background safe.

The main cause of terrorism is the undemocratic culture of politics. Most political parties both the ruling and the opposition parties are all engaged in a violent game of politics. The educational institutions are occupied by armed cadres and bodies fall by bullets everywhere.

The economic conditions of the people should be improved. New jobs should be created so that young people do not have to do terrorism for money. The judiciary and the police should act neutrally in talking action against terrorism. In general, the political parties gas to hold the key to solve the problem.

Terrorism has not an end. But it can be controlled. The youths are like clay. They should not be molded in the wrong way by the guardians of society. Now it is our main duty to save them.

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