Vision 2021 Essay

Vision 2021 Essay

Introduction: The golden Jubilee of the country’s independence would be observed in 2021. Taking this year as a vision, the present government of Bangladesh has decided to achieve its target in education, agriculture, communication JT and other sectors. It Dreams about “Digital Bangladesh”. We shall most likely achieve it by the year 2021.

Development of Idea: In order to fulfill this vision, the present government of Bangladesh has taken elaborate plans. It wants to fulfill its target in the following sectors;

  1. Power of Energy: By 2011 the power production will be increased to 500 Megawatt. Electricity reaches every village then.
  2. Employment: The Number of unemployed people in the country estimated at 28 million will be reduced to 15 million by 2021.
  3. ICT Sector: Computer studies will be a compulsory subject at secondary level by 2013 and at primary level by 2021.
  4. Communication and Infrastructure: Appropriate measures will be taken to construct Dhaka-Chittagong fourteen express ways. Measures will also be taken for expansion and modernization of the railway communication. Rail and road connection with the neighboring countries will be fully established under the Asian Highway Schemes.
  5. Basic Needs: To ensure basic needs for everybody, the gross domestic product will be raised to 8% by 2013 and 10% by 2017. It will be sustained thereafter.
  6. Food and nutrition: Food deficit will be removed and self-reliance in food production will be achieved. It will remove the deficiency of nutrition.
  7. Health Care: By 2021 minimum daily intake of 2122 Kilo Calories of food, elimination of contagious diseases, primary healthcare, supply of safe drinking water and sanitation for all will be ensured. Average life expectancy will be increased to 70 years. Mortality rates of child and mother will be reduced.
  8. Education: Enrollment at the primary level will be increased to 100 present by 2010. Illiteracy will be eliminated. Education up to degree level will be free by 2013.
  9. Accommodation: By 2015 Accommodation for all will be ensured.
  10. Price Hike: Price hike will be reduced. Price of essential commodities will kept within the reach of the people.
  11. Agriculture: Subsidy for agriculture inputs will be enhanced. Diversification of agriculture products will have to be popular. Biotechnology will be applied for sustainable food production.
  12. Science and Technology: Bangladesh is a country with 150 million people. We have to create skilled manpower to this huge population. They have to be educated and trained in science and technology. Most of the people still remain out of the access of LCT. By 2021 we will have to ensure huge number people’s access to ICT. The adoption of ICT can bring corruption-free and forward looking governance in the country.

Conclusion: The common people expect that the government will take all possible steps to create a SMART (Simple, Measurable, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent) “Digital Bangladesh”. We dream that our government will establish a knowledge based society within 50 years of her independence in 2021.

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